Ignition eBook

Need a more affordable option to get you started on your journey to a healthier, stronger & leaner version of you? Then look no further! This eBook has absolutely everything you need to get started! I wish there was something as simple as this available to me 10 years ago! I wouldn’t have wasted so much time, effort and money on FAD diet books and subscriptions and I would have been a lot happier! You will receive a nutrition plan that ​doesn't include counting calories or weighing food and DOES include eating some of the naughtier foods you enjoy, without referring to them as 'bad' or 'sins.' As well as a sample menu plan, a shopping list and supplements advice, I cover how to set yourself realistic goals over the next 4 weeks and the mindset you need to stick to them. You will also join my private Facebook community of other Fitties, to help keep you motivated when motivation is wavering and I will be here to support you too. This ebook is for absolutely anyone! From new mums to grans, from the time rich to the time poor, from budding chefs to the can't-cook wont-cooks and from serial yo yo dieters to those that already know what they should be doing but have just lost their way. This book does NOT include a workout plan - you will see why in the book. This book focuses on mindset, nutriton and goal setting but there is still a section on training to get you moving more over the 4 week programme.