Personal Training

One 2 One Personal Training
If you are new to strength training, that’s absolutely fine, we will start you on a beginners programme to ease you into it. If you’re pregnant or postpartum, that’s my passion and specialty! I’d love to help you keep your core and pelvic floor strong! The best thing about having personal training is getting your form right and understanding how much you should be pushing yourself.
You will also become a member of the F10 and reap all the benefits from this incredible community.

Price: Weekly 1:1 £135 per month

Semi-Private Personal Training
A more affordable and arguably, more fun way to have Personal Training! You and another lady will train together for an hour. There is evidence to show that when you train with someone else, you achieve more because the natural competitive instinct kicks in. Though, this isn’t about competition, this is about motivating each other!  You do need to sign up with someone else so grab that friend or family member and get them involved! 
You will also become a member of the F10 and reap all the benefits from this incredible community.

Price: Weekly 1:2 £85 per month

Payment Structure

How is the monthly amount calculated? 

It is based on 40 sessions per year at £40 per 1:1 session or £25 per 1:2 session.

No one comes every week and with school holidays and half terms, I take 12 weeks holiday per year: 2 weeks over Christmas, 2 weeks over Easter, 3 weeks over the summer and the 3 half-term weeks. However, there will also be the odd session that I can’t make (due to sickness – the girls or me) and of course, there will be the odd session that you can’t make due to sickness or holiday dates that differ to mine, which is why I have deducted a further 10 sessions (per year) when working out the monthly price.

You may cancel your subscription at any time, though I would be very grateful for a month’s notice.

I do appreciate that this model may not work for you, if you need to be able to cancel from week to week but as a one woman-band, I need to protect my business. It does require a real level of commitment from you to attend your sessions, which is what I look for in a client and hopefully you’ll see this as a good thing. You train with me for your health which is the most important aspect of your life – committing like this should help to keep you accountable for session attendance.

FAQs regarding the pricing structure – PLEASE READ!


Q. What if I am unwell/injured mid to long term? (5 weeks plus)
A. We will stop your monthly payments until you are ready to return and I would do my best to keep that slot open for you but I wouldn’t be able to guarantee it. When you return, we would reset the year (40 sessions) back to zero.

Q. What if I go on holiday for a month?
A. If you are going on holiday for a month, we may not need to stop your subscription. I am committing to being available for 40 sessions (weekly) or 20 sessions (bi-weekly) per year. Just because you’re away for 4 weeks, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get your 40 or 20 sessions. You can choose to stop your subscription but there is no guarantee that your slot will be kept available. If you did cancel your subscription, we would reset to zero when you return.

Q. Will I definitely get all 40 or 20 sessions?
A. There is no guarantee that you will get all 40 or 20 sessions. I am committing to being available for 40 sessions (essentially 40 weeks per client) per year but if, worst case, you couldn’t attend 20 weeks’ worth of sessions over a year, I may not necessarily be able to make up all the slots that you personally can’t make.

Q. When does the year run from?
A. The year starts on the day of your first session.

Q. Do you know which 10 weeks you will be off?
A. Yes, they will coincide with the school holidays. I will give you those dates as soon as we get going.

Q. What if you are not available for 40 sessions in the year?
A. In the unlikely event that I am not available for 40 sessions throughout the year, I will refund you for any sessions owed, at the end of your year. To date, where I have been unable to make a session, I have been successful in rescheduling

Q. What if I don’t want to commit to a year?
A. That’s fine, you may cancel at any time.

Q. What if I only want to sign up for the summer or a specified couple of months? 
A. If I have availability, I am open to doing this and will work out a set price for that period, taking into account any holidays I have planned during that time.