Mama & Baby Fit Classes


The next Mama and Baby Fit course will start in September 2019. There will only be 4 spaces per course. After that, they will run on either side of school half-term dates.

These classes are for babies aged 3 months to 12 months old. It is absolutely no problem if you need to feed during the session or if baby falls asleep or just doesn’t want to be held. If this is the case, I will give you some dumbbells or a kettlebell to use instead.

Classes are strength sessions where you will use baby as a weight. They are all over body workouts but we put an emphasis on rebuilding a strong core and pelvic floor. For more info, see here.

Courses are £50 for 5 weeks. Classes are 45 mins long – baby will only be involved for about 25 mins of that time.

Important note: Only street parking or nearby car parks are available. The gym is also down some narrow stairs; unfortunately, not convenient for pushchairs, my apologies. Ideally, you will bring baby in a car seat or sling/baby carrier.

Please get in touch to register your interest.