Your Journey Starts Here

Giving women the strength they need to get through every day life more easily
~ Living longer & feeling more confident are just bonus bi-products
Fit Inside Out is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s about being fit from the inside out, with an emphasis on eating and training for longevity rather than for vanity. There are ways that you can eat that will keep you energised throughout the day and quite possibly, add years to your life and ways in which you can train that will strengthen and sculpt your body. None of this includes cooking separate meals for you and your family or hours of cardio each day. I will teach you how to choose nutritiously dense food and how much of it to have, it’s really that simple. You won’t ‘diet’ for 12 weeks and then be left slimmer but none the wiser as to how to re-start eating ‘normally’ and consequently putting the weight back on. This will be a lifestyle that you’ll just carry on with. We won’t always get it right because occasionally we’ll want a takeaway or a bottle of wine but that’s ok because we’re doing this for ourselves and it needs to be sustainable, not restrictive. If we’re not enjoying the journey, we’re not doing it right.