Tracy, 39
Senior Programme Manager & Mum of 2
“I have tried it, eaten it, drunk it, shook it, stopped and started it. This was my routine when it came to shifting unwanted weight and it got even more challenging after I had my first born. What I was doing only provided that temporary feel good feeling you get after fad diets. But the effects were never lasting. I was hungry and bored. I used to be the sporty type, really fit and very energetic.  Those school and uni days are long gone 😋.  When Nicki proposed a lifestyle changing solution I was all ears. Nicki proposed to help me feel good « inside and out ». The inside plan not only included realistic meal plans and food I actually love eating (and often !) but it also included any adjusting in my plan to make it work better for me, depending on how I was feeling, which I was always honest about. The outside plan included exercise that I was prepared to stick to and regular picture updates to assess progress. Looking back, I am glad I took those pictures, the results were amazing and now that baby number two no longer needs mummy’s milk, I am jumping right back on plan. I would recommend Nicki to guide you through your goals for achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle. She is physical proof that you can acheive anything you set your mind to. She is thoughful, will take care of you, encourage you and hold your hand. Basically, if you are looking for a cheerleader in your journey, look no further! You just need to take the first step and make that decision for yourself. You will be very happy you did.  I certainly am.”

Nic, 40
Programme Manager & Mum of 1
“I cannot recommend Nicki enough! Having always battled with my weight, Nicki has helped me lose 2.5 stone and bring my body fat into the healthy range! What‘s more, I feel so much healthier and fitter and it‘s totally changed the way I think about and eat food, so that I see it as a lifestyle change which is sustainable rather than a fad diet.  You know with Nicki that you are getting a tailor made, personalised plan that takes into account you and your lifestyle which is why it works! There is no weighing or counting calories, just a simple way of ensuring the correct portion size for you. Her PT plan is also great, focusing on your problem areas and pushing you to keep working hard.  If you are looking to make a change, don‘t delay, get in contact with Nicki and she‘ll turn your life around!”

Emily, 36
Self-employed Virtual Assistant & Mum of 2
“I cannot recommend Fit Inside Out enough. I approached Nicki to help me to sensibly lose my baby weight, I wanted a long term approach of healthy dieting and exercise instead of the ‘lose a stone in a week’ approach. Nicki spent time understanding my goals, my lifestyle and my concerns about integrating the diet with cooking for my family while remaining on a budget. She sent through a tailored menu plan, links for foods to buy with discount codes and a fitness plan with full instructions / tutorials tailored to a post-partum mother again rather than the ‘get fit in 7 seconds’ approach. Its only been 3 weeks and I’ve already lost half a stone, more to come!! Thanks Nicki!”

Christie, 41
Self-employed Professional Doggy Walker
“I contacted Nicki in November to get some much needed help with my diet. I started my own dog walking business last year and was really struggling to fuel my body in the right away. I was either ravenous and bingeing on rubbish to keep my energy levels up or starving myself to lose the weight that was slowly creeping on. I felt horrible, my clothes were getting tight, I wasn’t sleeping well, I had eczema on my hands (which I hadn’t suffered from in 20 years) and I was feeling tired, sluggish, grumpy and fed up.  Nicki put together a tailor made eating plan for me and I haven’t looked back. I feel fit, strong and healthy. I’m sleeping really well, have so much energy and the eczema has nearly gone…and I’ve lost 13lbs along the way. Yes, THIRTEEN POUNDS. All this in just 4 weeks! I eat 3 good meals a day, plus 3 snacks and can honestly say this feels like a lifestyle change rather than a ridiculous diet that I know I’ll never stick to. I actually feel like a new woman! Thank you so much Nicki Ryder – you’ve changed my life (and my body!).”

Fiona, 40
Admin Manager and Mum of 3
I can honestly say this is the simplest plan I have tried – no measuring or weighing and I am eating a varied balanced diet including carbs, fats and proteins. The only tool I need to use for portion size is my hand and I’ve noticed this now comes naturally. I’m able to cook and eat the same meals as my family which on previous plans was something I struggled to do. With the plan that Nicki has provided, I feel satisfied.  Yes, there are times when I slip up but Nicki encourages you not to beat yourself up, dust yourself down and get back to it. She provides sensible advice on recognising these blips and how to move past them without feeling like a complete failure – she brings a human touch.”

Eliza, 52
Aesthetics Nurse
“Nicki is the absolute best. I‘ve been about to lose weight for over 20 years! I‘ve been putting off shopping because it‘s too painful and a waste when I‘m about to be so slim! Frankly, I would never have taken up exercise for my health! But I‘m loving it! It took a while and a non judgmental attitude to bad days, as well as a depth and breadth of knowledge on why and how we do what we do, but I‘m now hooked.  Thank you!”

Aimee, 22
Lash Technician and Mum of 2

“I‘ve been having PT sessions with Nicki for a month now and I‘m already seeing a difference! Not only does she get up super early twice a week so that I can fit it in with my crazy kiddy schedule but I‘m REALLY enjoying it! Every workout is different and she really pushes me, giving me all the encouragement I need. She‘s extremely knowledgeable about all things health and fitness so I know I‘m in the best hands ! Thank you for being the absolute best of the best!”