Giving women the strength they need to get through every day life more easily
~ Living longer & feeling more confident are just bonus bi-products

Fit Inside Out is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s about being fit from the inside out, with an emphasis on eating and training for good health and longevity rather than for vanity. I am a huge advocate of strength training for a number of reasons:
  1. To increase your bone density and therefore reduce your risk of breaking bones as you get older or needing a hip replacement.
  2. To develop and increase your muscle mass – further protecting your bones as you get older as well as the obvious benefit of making you stronger.
  3. To sculpt your body! Through strength training and the right nutrition, you can change the composition of your body.
  4. For good health. Other than the points above, you never know when illness is going to strike or you may need an operation. It is proven that the healthier and fitter you are going into an operation, the quicker your recovery afterwards.
  5. For your mental wellbeing. This isn’t exclusive to strength training but exercise releases endorphins and serotonin that are mood boosters. It’s been proven that if you exercise regularly, it can reduce stress and symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.
Don’t expect change to happen overnight. It doesn’t work that way. It takes commitment and consistency. Furthermore, don’t contact me because you only want to lose weight – you can do that without me by fixing your diet. One hour per week with me will not be enough. To see changes, you’ll need to train at least another 2 or 3 times without me (I will provide you with home or gym workouts so you know what to do) AND vitally, follow my nutrition plan or a diet of your choice. We will talk about diet and I will support you in choosing the right diet and tools for staying on it, with you.
I absolutely love strength training and I love sharing my knowledge with people. I am a specialist in pregnancy and postpartum but I enjoy training all women, regardless of age or experience. My clients don’t get injured because I know how you should set yourself up for every lift, push or pull and I also ensure we do an optimal dynamic warm up at the start of your session and at least 10 minutes of stretching at the end of your session. I promise you, you will enjoy your session… once it’s over. 😉


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